5 And the boast of Israel shall answer into the face thereof, and Israel and Ephraim shall fall in their wickedness; also Judah shall fall with them. (And the boast of Israel crieth out against them, and Israel, yea, Ephraim, shall fall by their own wickedness; and Judah shall fall with them.)
10 The princes of Judah be made as (those) taking (over the) term; I shall shed out on them my wrath as water. (Judah's rulers be made just like those who take over the land; I shall pour out my anger upon them like water.)
12 And I am as a moth to Ephraim, and as rot to the house of Judah. (And I am like a moth to Ephraim, or Israel, and like rot to the house of Judah.) 13 And Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his bond. And Ephraim went to Assur, and sent to the king venger. And he may not save you, neither he may unbind the bond from you. (And Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound. And Ephraim went to Assyria, and sent to the great king for help. But he cannot save you, nor can he cure you of your wound.)