Numbers 15:10-20 WYC

10 and thou shalt give wine to [the] flowing sacrifice to be poured (out), of the same measure, into offering of the sweetest odour to the Lord. (and thou shalt give wine of the same measure, that is, half a hin, for the wine offering to be poured out, to make an offering of the sweetest aroma to the Lord.)
11 So ye shall do by each ox, and ram, and lamb, and kid; (So ye shall do with each ox, and ram, and lamb, and goat kid;)
12 (See verse 11 above.)
13 as well men born in the land, as pilgrims, shall offer sacrifices by the same custom; (people born in the land, as well as foreigners, or strangers, shall offer these offerings by the same custom;)
14 (See verse 13 above.)
15 (See verse 16 below.)
16 one commandment and doom shall be, as well to you as to [the] comelings of the land. (one law and one custom shall be for you, and for all the newcomers in the land.)
17 And the Lord spake to Moses, and said,
18 Speak thou to the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say to them, When ye come into the land which I shall give to you,
19 and ye eat of the loaves of that country, ye shall separate a little cake of your pastes to the Lord (ye shall set apart a little cake, as a contribution to the Lord);
20 as ye shall separate the first fruits of your cornfloors, (as ye shall set apart the first fruits from your threshing floors,)