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Proverbs 7:1-11 (Wycliffe)

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1 My son, keep thou my words; and keep my behests to thee. (My son, remember my words; and keep my commands with thee.) 2 Keep thou my behests, and thou shalt live; and my law, as the apple of thine eye. (Keep thou my commands, and thou shalt live; and my instructions, or my teaching, as the apple of thine eyes.) 3 Bind thou it in thy fingers; write thou it in the tables of thine heart. (Bind thou it to thy fingers; write thou it on the tablets of thy heart.) 4 Say thou to wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call thou prudence thy love (and call thou understanding, thy friend). 5 That it keep thee from a strange woman; and from an alien woman, that maketh her words sweet. (So that they keep thee safe from a strange woman; yea, from an unknown woman, who maketh her words sweet.) 6 (For she saith,) For why from the window of mine house, by the lattice, I beheld; 7 and I see little children, that is, fools that have little wit. I behold a young man coward, (and I see fools, who have little intelligence. I behold a cowardly young man,) 8 that passeth by the streets, beside the corner (who passeth along the street, beside the corner); and he goeth nigh the way of her house, 9 in dark time, when the day draweth to night, in the darkness and mist in the night. 10 And lo! a woman, made ready with (the) ornament of an whore to deceive souls, meeteth him, 11 and she is a jangler, and going about, and unpatient of rest, and may not stand in the house with her feet; (and she is a gossip, who goeth about restlessly, yea, who cannot stand still in her own house;)
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