Proverbs 14:30-35 WYC

30 (The) Health of (the) heart is the life of (the) flesh; envy is (the) rot of (the) bones.
31 He that falsely challengeth a needy man, despiseth his maker; but he that hath mercy on a poor man, honoureth his maker. (He who oppresseth the needy, despiseth his Maker; but he who hath mercy on the poor, honoureth his Maker.)
32 A wicked man is put out for his malice; but a just man hopeth in his death. (A wicked person is brought down by his own malice; but a righteous person hath hope in his death.)
33 Wisdom resteth in the heart of a wise man; and he shall teach all unlearned men. (Wisdom resteth in the hearts of the wise; and they shall teach all the unlearned.)
34 Rightfulness raiseth [up] a folk; sin maketh peoples wretches. (Uprightness raiseth up the nation; sin maketh people into wretches.)
35 A servant understanding is acceptable to a king; a servant unprofitable shall suffer the wrathfulness of him. (An understanding servant shall receive the king's favour; an unprofitable servant shall suffer his wrath.)