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Ezekiel 4:12-17 (Young's Literal Translation)

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12 A barley-cake thou dost eat it, and it with dung -- the filth of man -- thou dost bake before their eyes. 13 And Jehovah saith, `Thus do the sons of Israel eat their defiled bread among the nations whither I drive them.' 14 And I say, `Ah, Lord Jehovah, lo, my soul is not defiled, and carcase, and torn thing, I have not eaten from my youth, even till now; nor come into my mouth hath abominable flesh.' 15 And He saith unto me, `See, I have given to thee bullock's dung instead of man's dung, and thou hast made thy bread by it.' 16 And He saith unto me, `Son of man, lo, I am breaking the staff of bread in Jerusalem, and they have eaten bread by weight and with fear; and water by measure and with astonishment, they do drink; 17 so that they lack bread and water, and have been astonished one with another, and been consumed in their iniquity.
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