Exodus 36:19-29

19 And they made a cover of sheepskins coloured red, to go over the tent, and a cover of leather over that.
20 And for the uprights of the House they made boards of hard wood.
21 The boards were ten cubits long and one cubit and a half wide.
22 Every board had two tongues fixed into it; all the boards were made in this way.
23 They made twenty boards for the south side of the House:
24 And for these twenty boards, forty silver bases, two bases under every board, to take its tongues.
25 And for the second side of the House, on the north, they made twenty boards,
26 With their forty silver bases, two bases for every board.
27 And for the west side of the House, at the back, they made six boards,
28 And two boards for the angles at the back.
29 These were joined together at the base and at the top to one ring, so forming the two angles.