Joshua 18:19-28

19 And on to the north side of Beth-hoglah, ending at the north inlet of the Salt Sea at the south end of Jordan; this is their limit on the south.
20 And the limit of the east part is the Jordan. This is the heritage of the children of Benjamin, marked out for their families by these limits on all sides.
21 And the towns of the children of Benjamin, given to them in the order of their families, are Jericho and Beth-hoglah and Emek-kezziz
22 And Beth-arabah and Zemaraim and Beth-el
23 And Avvim and Parah and Ophrah
24 And Chephar-Ammoni and Ophni and Geba; twelve towns with their unwalled places;
25 Gibeon and Ramah and Beeroth
26 And Mizpeh and Chephirah and Mozah
27 And Rekem and Irpeel and Taralah
28 And Zela, Eleph and the Jebusite (which is Jerusalem), Gibeath and Kiriath; fourteen towns with their unwalled places. This is the heritage of the children of Benjamin by their families.
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