Ezekiel 46:19-24


19 Then he brought me through the passage beside the gate next to the priests' quarters, the holy chambers facing north. There was a place hidden away on the western side.
20 He said to me, "Rather than taking these offerings out into the outer courtyard and transferring holiness to the people, this is the place where the priests will boil the compensation offerings and the purification offerings, and where they will bake the grain offerings."
21 Then he took me to the outer courtyard, and he had me pass through its four corners, and I saw that there were additional courtyards in each of the corners.
22 In all four corners of the courtyard, these courtyards were constructed to handle smoke. All four were the same size, sixty feet long by forty-five feet wide.
23 All four had stone masonry all the way around, and hearths were built under this masonry all the way around.
24 He said to me, "These are the kitchens where those who minister in the temple cook the people's sacrifices."