Jeremiah 5:10-19

Contempt for God

10 Climb through her vineyards and ravage them, although not completely. Prune back her branches, because they aren't the LORD's.
11 The people of Israel and Judah have been utterly faithless to me, declares the LORD.
12 They have lied about the LORD and said, "He'll do nothing! Disaster won't come upon us; we won't see war or famine."
13 The prophets are so much wind; the word isn't in them. Thus and so may it be done to them.
14 Therefore, the LORD God of heavenly forces proclaims: Because you have spoken this way, I will put my words in your mouth as a fire; it will consume the people, who are but kindling.
15 I am about to bring a distant nation against you, people of Israel, declares the LORD. It is an established nation, an ancient nation, a nation whose language you don't know, whose speech you won't understand.
16 Its weapons are deadly; its warriors are many.
17 It will devour your harvest and food; it will devour your sons and daughters; it will devour your flocks and herds; it will devour your vines and fig trees; it will shatter your fortified towns in which you trust— with the sword!
18 Yet even in those days, declares the LORD, I won't completely destroy you.
19 And when they ask, "Why has the LORD our God done all these things to us?" you must reply, "Just as you have abandoned me and served foreign gods in your land, so you will serve strangers in a land not your own."
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