Numbers 16:12-30

Test of priesthood

12 Moses sent for Dathan and Abiram, Eliab's sons. But they said, "We won't come up!
13 Isn't it enough that you've brought us up from a land full of milk and honey to kill us in the desert so that you'd also dominate us?
14 Moreover, you haven't brought us to a land full of milk and honey, nor given us the inheritance of field and vineyard. Would you also gouge out the eyes of these men? We won't come up!"
15 Moses became very angry and he said to the LORD, "Pay no attention to their offering. I haven't taken a single donkey from them, nor have I wronged any one of them."
16 Moses said to Korah, "You and your entire community should appear before the LORD tomorrow, you, they, and Aaron.
17 Every person should take his censer, place incense on it, and present it before the LORD. Each person will carry his censer, two hundred fifty censers in all, including you and Aaron."
18 Then every person took his censer, placed fire on it, put incense on it, and stood at the entrance of the meeting tent with Moses and Aaron.
19 Korah gathered the entire community with them to the entrance of the meeting tent. Then the LORD's glory appeared to the entire community.
20 The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron,
21 "Separate yourselves from this community so that I may consume them in a moment."
22 They fell on their faces and said, "God, the God of all living things. If one person sins, should you become angry with the entire community?"
23 The LORD said to Moses,
24 "Speak to the community and say, ‘Withdraw from around the dwellings of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.'"
25 Moses rose and went to Dathan and Abiram. Israel's elders followed him.
26 He spoke to the community: "Move away from the tents of these wicked men and don't touch anything of theirs, lest you too be wiped out for all their sins."
27 They withdrew from around the dwellings of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. Then Dathan and Abiram came out and stood at the entrance of their tents with their wives, children, and little ones.
28 Moses said, "By this you will know that the LORD sent me to do these deeds and that it wasn't my own desire.
29 If all these people die a natural death, or if their fate be that of all humans, then the LORD hasn't sent me.
30 But if the LORD performs an act of creation, and the ground opens its mouth and swallows them and everything that belongs to them, so that they descend alive to their graves, then you'll know that these men disrespected the LORD."
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