2 Corinthians 2:5-11

5 But if someone has made anyone sad, that person hasn't hurt me but all of you to some degree (not to exaggerate).
6 The punishment handed out by the majority is enough for this person.
7 This is why you should try your best to forgive and to comfort this person now instead, so that this person isn't overwhelmed by too much sorrow.
8 So I encourage you to show your love for this person.
9 This is another reason why I wrote you. I wanted to test you and see if you are obedient in everything.
10 If you forgive anyone for anything, I do too. And whatever I've forgiven (if I've forgiven anything), I did it for you in the presence of Christ.
11 This is so that we won't be taken advantage of by Satan, because we are well aware of his schemes.
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