Exodus 37:10-24

Constructing the table and lampstand

10 He also made the table of acacia wood, three feet long, eighteen inches wide, and twenty-seven inches high.
11 He covered it with pure gold and made a gold molding all around it.
12 He made a frame around it that was four inches wide and gold molding around the frame.
13 He made four gold rings for the table. He fastened the rings to the four corners at its four legs.
14 The rings that housed the poles used for carrying the table were close to the frame.
15 He made the poles used to carry the table out of acacia wood, and he covered them with gold.
16 He made the containers of pure gold that were to be on the table: its plates, dishes, bowls, and jars for pouring drink offerings.
17 He also made the lampstand of pure, hammered gold. The lampstand's base, branches, cups, flowers, and petals were all attached to it.
18 It had six branches growing out from its sides, three branches on one side of the lampstand and three branches on the other side of the lampstand.
19 One branch had three cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with a flower and petals, and the next branch also had three cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with a flower and petals. A total of six branches grew out of the lampstand.
20 In addition, on the lampstand itself there were four cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with its flower and petals.
21 There was a flower attached under the first pair of branches, a flower attached under the next pair of branches, and a flower attached under the last pair of branches.
22 Their flowers and their branches were attached to it. The whole lampstand was one piece of pure hammered gold.
23 He made its seven lamps and its tongs and its fire pans out of pure gold.
24 He made the lampstand and all its equipment from pure gold weighing one kikkar.