Sirach 33:25-33

On slaves

25 Fodder, a rod, and burdens for donkeys; bread, discipline, and work for household slaves.
26 Set them to work with discipline, and you will have leisure; let their hands be idle, and they will seek freedom.
27 A yoke and a strap will bend a neck, and there are racks and tortures for a wicked household slave.
28 Put them to work so that they aren't idle,
29 because idleness teaches many evils.
30 Set them to work, as is proper for them, and if they don't obey, make their shackles heavy. Don't overburden a person made of flesh, and don't do anything without exercising good judgment.
31 If you have household slaves, treat them like yourself, because you purchased them with blood. If you have household slaves, treat them like siblings, because you will need them as you go through life.
32 If you mistreat them, and they leave and run away,
33 on which road will you search for them?
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