Psalm 4; Psalm 5; Psalm 6; Acts 17:16-34

1 Answer me when I pray, O God, my defender! When I was in trouble, you helped me. Be kind to me now and hear my prayer. 2 How long will you people insult me? How long will you love what is worthless and go after what is false? 3 Remember that the Lord has chosen the righteous for his own, and he hears me when I call to him. 4 Tremble with fear and stop sinning; think deeply about this, when you lie in silence on your beds. 5 Offer the right sacrifices to the Lord, and put your trust in him. 6 There are many who pray: "Give us more blessings, O Lord. Look on us with kindness!" 7 But the joy that you have given me is more than they will ever have with all their grain and wine. 8 When I lie down, I go to sleep in peace; you alone, O Lord, keep me perfectly safe.
1 Listen to my words, O Lord, and hear my sighs. 2 Listen to my cry for help, my God and king! I pray to you, O Lord; 3 you hear my voice in the morning; at sunrise I offer my prayer and wait for your answer. 4 You are not a God who is pleased with wrongdoing; you allow no evil in your presence. 5 You cannot stand the sight of the proud; you hate all wicked people. 6 You destroy all liars and despise violent, deceitful people. 7 But because of your great love I can come into your house; I can worship in your holy Temple and bow down to you in reverence. 8 Lord, I have so many enemies! Lead me to do your will; make your way plain for me to follow. 9 What my enemies say can never be trusted; they only want to destroy. Their words are flattering and smooth, but full of deadly deceit. 10 Condemn and punish them, O God; may their own plots cause their ruin. Drive them out of your presence because of their many sins and their rebellion against you. 11 But all who find safety in you will rejoice; they can always sing for joy. Protect those who love you; because of you they are truly happy. 12 You bless those who obey you, Lord; your love protects them like a shield.
1 Lord, don't be angry and rebuke me! Don't punish me in your anger! 2 I am worn out, O Lord; have pity on me! Give me strength; I am completely exhausted 3 and my whole being is deeply troubled. How long, O Lord, will you wait to help me? 4 Come and save me, Lord; in your mercy rescue me from death. 5 In the world of the dead you are not remembered; no one can praise you there. 6 I am worn out with grief; every night my bed is damp from my weeping; my pillow is soaked with tears. 7 I can hardly see; my eyes are so swollen from the weeping caused by my enemies. 8 Keep away from me, you evil people! The Lord hears my weeping; 9 he listens to my cry for help and will answer my prayer. 10 My enemies will know the bitter shame of defeat; in sudden confusion they will be driven away.
16 While Paul was waiting in Athens for Silas and Timothy, he was greatly upset when he noticed how full of idols the city was. 17 So he held discussions in the synagogue with the Jews and with the Gentiles who worshiped God, and also in the public square every day with the people who happened to come by. 18 Certain Epicurean and Stoic teachers also debated with him. Some of them asked, "What is this ignorant show-off trying to say?" Others answered, "He seems to be talking about foreign gods." They said this because Paul was preaching about Jesus and the resurrection. 19 So they took Paul, brought him before the city council, the Areopagus, and said, "We would like to know what this new teaching is that you are talking about. 20 Some of the things we hear you say sound strange to us, and we would like to know what they mean. 21 (For all the citizens of Athens and the foreigners who lived there liked to spend all their time telling and hearing the latest new thing.) 22 Paul stood up in front of the city council and said, "I see that in every way you Athenians are very religious. 23 For as I walked through your city and looked at the places where you worship, I found an altar on which is written, "To an Unknown God.' That which you worship, then, even though you do not know it, is what I now proclaim to you. 24 God, who made the world and everything in it, is Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples made by human hands. 25 Nor does he need anything that we can supply by working for him, since it is he himself who gives life and breath and everything else to everyone. 26 From one human being he created all races of people and made them live throughout the whole earth. He himself fixed beforehand the exact times and the limits of the places where they would live. 27 He did this so that they would look for him, and perhaps find him as they felt around for him. Yet God is actually not far from any one of us; 28 as someone has said, "In him we live and move and exist.' It is as some of your poets have said, "We too are his children.' 29 Since we are God's children, we should not suppose that his nature is anything like an image of gold or silver or stone, shaped by human art and skill. 30 God has overlooked the times when people did not know him, but now he commands all of them everywhere to turn away from their evil ways. 31 For he has fixed a day in which he will judge the whole world with justice by means of a man he has chosen. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising that man from death!" 32 When they heard Paul speak about a raising from death, some of them made fun of him, but others said, "We want to hear you speak about this again." 33 And so Paul left the meeting. 34 Some men joined him and believed, among whom was Dionysius, a member of the council; there was also a woman named Damaris, and some other people.
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