2 Chronicles 6:17-27

17 "So now, LORD God of Israel, may the promise you made to David, your servant, come true.
18 "Does God really live on earth with people? If heaven itself, the highest heaven, cannot hold you, then how can this temple that I have built?
19 Nevertheless, my LORD God, please pay attention to my prayer for mercy. Listen to my cry for help as I pray to you.
20 Day and night may your eyes be on this temple, the place about which you said your name will be there. Listen to me as I pray toward this place.
21 Hear the plea for mercy that your people Israel and I pray toward this place. Hear us in heaven, the place where you live. Hear and forgive.
22 "If anyone sins against another person and is required to take an oath and comes to take the oath in front of your altar in this temple,
23 then hear [that person] in heaven, take action, and make a decision. Repay the guilty person with the proper punishment, but declare the innocent person innocent.
24 "An enemy may defeat your people Israel because they have sinned against you. But when your people turn, praise your name, pray, and plead with you in this temple,
25 then hear [them] in heaven, forgive the sins of your people Israel, and bring them back to the land that you gave to them and their ancestors.
26 "When the sky is shut and there's no rain because they are sinning against you and they pray toward this place, praise your name, and turn away from their sin because you made them suffer,
27 then hear [them] in heaven. Forgive the sins of your servants, your people Israel. Teach them the proper way to live. Then send rain on the land, which you gave to your people as an inheritance.