Genesis 21:26-34

26 Abimelech replied, "I don't know who did this. You didn't tell me, and I didn't hear about it until today."
27 Abraham took some sheep and cattle and gave them to Abimelech, and the two of them made an agreement.
28 Then Abraham set apart seven female lambs from the flock.
29 Abimelech asked him, "What is the meaning of these seven female lambs you have set apart?"
30 Abraham answered, "Accept these lambs from me so that they may be proof that I dug this well."
31 This is why that place is called Beersheba, because both of them swore an oath there.
32 After they made the treaty at Beersheba, Abimelech and Phicol, the commander of his army, left and went back to the land of the Philistines.
33 Abraham planted a tamarisk tree at Beersheba and worshiped the LORD, the Everlasting God, there.
34 Abraham lived a long time in the land of the Philistines.
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