Interlinear Bible 2 Kings 25:17

17 The height of the one pillar was eighteen * cubits, and a bronze capital was on it; the height of the capital was three cubits, with a network and pomegranates on the capital all around, all of bronze. And the second pillar was like these with network.
t,r,t{k.w#st03805 d'x,a'h#st0259 d.WM;['h t;mw{q#st06967 h'M;a#st0520 her.f,[ h,n{m.v#st08083 ? h'k'b.f.W#st07639 h'M;a v{l'v t,r,t{K;h t;mw{q.w t,v{x.n wy'l'[ ? t,v{x.n l{K;h byib's t,r,t{K;h -l;[ ~yin{Mir.w ? h'k'b.F;h -l;[ yineV;h#st08145 d.WM;[;l h,Lea'k.w