Interlinear Bible Joshua 5:12

12 And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.
#,r'a'h#st0776 r.Wb][em#st05669 ~'l.k'a.B t'r\x'Mim !'M;h t{B.viY;w ? .Wl.ka{Y;w !'m lea'r.fIy yen.bil dw{[ h'y'h -a{l.w ? ayih;h h'n'V;B#st08141 !;[;n.K#st03667 #,r,a#st0776 t;a.Wb.Tim
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