30 The next day Moses addressed the people: "You have sinned an enormous sin! But I am going to go up to God; maybe I'll be able to clear you of your sin."
31 Moses went back to God and said, "This is terrible. This people has sinned - it's an enormous sin! They made gods of gold for themselves.
32 And now, if you will only forgive their sin. . . . But if not, erase me out of the book you've written."
33 God said to Moses, "I'll only erase from my book those who sin against me.
34 For right now, you go and lead the people to where I told you. Look, my Angel is going ahead of you. On the day, though, when I settle accounts, their sins will certainly be part of the settlement."
35 God sent a plague on the people because of the calf they and Aaron had made.