20 They said, "Listen, master. We came down here one other time to buy food.
21 On our way home, the first night out we opened our bags and found our money at the mouth of the bag - the exact amount we'd paid. We've brought it all back
22 and have plenty more to buy more food with. We have no idea who put the money in our bags."
23 The steward said, "Everything's in order. Don't worry. Your God and the God of your father must have given you a bonus. I was paid in full." And with that, he presented Simeon to them.
24 He then took them inside Joseph's house and made them comfortable - gave them water to wash their feet and saw to the feeding of their donkeys.
25 The brothers spread out their gifts as they waited for Joseph to show up at noon - they had been told that they were to have dinner with him.
26 When Joseph got home, they presented him with the gifts they had brought and bowed respectfully before him.
27 Joseph welcomed them and said, "And your old father whom you mentioned to me, how is he? Is he still alive?"
28 They said, "Yes - your servant our father is quite well, very much alive." And they again bowed respectfully before him.
29 Then Joseph picked out his brother Benjamin, his own mother's son. He asked, "And is this your youngest brother that you told me about?" Then he said, "God be gracious to you, my son."
30 Deeply moved on seeing his brother and about to burst into tears, Joseph hurried out into another room and had a good cry.