Jeremiah 49:9-10; Jeremiah 49:14-16

9 When harvesters work your fields, don't they leave gleanings? When burglars break into your house, don't they take only what they want? 10 But I'll strip Esau clean. I'll search out every nook and cranny. I'll destroy everything connected with him, children and relatives and neighbors. There'll be no one left who will be able to say,
14 I've just heard the latest from God. He's sent an envoy to the nations: "Muster your troops and attack Edom. Present arms! Go to war!" 15 "Ah, Edom, I'm dropping you to last place among nations, the bottom of the heap, kicked around. 16 You think you're so great - strutting across the stage of history, Living high in the impregnable rocks, acting like king of the mountain. You think you're above it all, don't you, like an eagle in its aerie? Well, you're headed for a fall. I'll bring you crashing to the ground." God's Decree.
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