2 Kings 15:1-7

Series of Kings: Azariah (Uzziah) over Judah

2 He was 2sixteen * years old when he became king, and he reigned fifty-two years in Jerusalem; and his mother's name was Jecoliah of Jerusalem.
3 He did right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his father Amaziah had done.
5 4The LORD struck the king, so that he was a leper to the day of his death. And he 5lived in a separate house, while Jotham the king's son was over the household, judging the people of the land.
6 Now the rest of the acts of Azariah and all that he did, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles * of the Kings of Judah?
7 And Azariah slept with his fathers, and they buried him with his fathers in the city of David, and Jotham his son became king in his place.
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