Romans 6:18-23

18 You were made free from sin, and now you are slaves to goodness.
19 I use this example because this is hard for you to understand. In the past you offered the parts of your body to be slaves to sin and evil; you lived only for evil. In the same way now you must give yourselves to be slaves of goodness. Then you will live only for God.
20 In the past you were slaves to sin, and goodness did not control you.
21 You did evil things, and now you are ashamed of them. Those things only bring death.
22 But now you are free from sin and have become slaves of God. This brings you a life that is only for God, and this gives you life forever.
23 When people sin, they earn what sin pays -- death. But God gives us a free gift -- life forever in Christ Jesus our Lord.
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