1 Chronicles 11:4-9

David Captures Jerusalem

4 David and all of the men of Israel marched to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was also called Jebus. The Jebusites who lived there
5 spoke to David. They said, "You won't get in here." But David captured the fort of Zion. It became known as the City of David.
6 David had said, "Anyone who leads the attack against the Jebusites will become the commander of Israel's army." Joab went up first. So he became the commander of the army. He was the son of Zeruiah.
7 David moved into the fort. So it was called the City of David.
8 He built up the city around the fort. He filled in the low places. He built a wall around it. During that time, Joab built up the rest of the city.
9 David became more and more powerful. That's because the LORD who rules over all was with him.