1 Chronicles 17:16-27

David Prays to the LORD

16 Then King David went into the holy tent. He sat down in front of the Lord. He said, "LORD God, who am I? My family isn't important. So why have you brought me this far?
17 I would have thought that you had already done more than enough for me. But now, God, you have spoken about what is going to happen to my royal house in days to come. LORD God, you have treated me as if I were the most honored man of all.
18 "What more can I say to you for honoring me? You know all about me.
19 Lord, you have done a wonderful thing. You have given me many great promises. All of them are for my good. They are exactly what you wanted to give me.
20 "Lord, there isn't anyone like you. There isn't any God but you. We have heard about it with our own ears.
21 "Who is like your people Israel? God, we are the one nation on earth you have saved. You have set us free for yourself. Your name has become famous. You have done great and wonderful things. You have driven nations out to make room for your people. You saved us when you set us free from Egypt. No other god has done any of those things for its people.
22 You made Israel your very own people forever. Lord, you have become our God.
23 "And now, Lord, let the promise you have made to me and my royal house stand forever. Do exactly as you promised.
24 When your promise comes true, your name will be honored forever. People will say, 'The LORD rules over all. He is the God over Israel. He is Israel's God.' My royal house will be made secure in your sight.
25 "My God, you have shown me that you will build me a royal house. So I can pray to you boldly.
26 Lord, you are God! You have promised many good things to me.
27 You have been pleased to bless my royal house. Now it will continue forever in your sight. Lord, you have blessed it. And it will be blessed forever."