1 Chronicles 7:20-29

The Family Line of Ephraim

20 Here are the members of the family line of Ephraim. Shuthelah was Ephraim's son. Bered was Shuthelah's son. Tahath was Bered's son. Eleadah was Tahath's son. Tahath was Eleadah's son.
21 Zabad was Tahath's son. And Shuthelah was Zabad's son.
22 Their father Ephraim sobbed over them for many days. His relatives came to comfort him.
23 Then he made love to his wife. She became pregnant and had a baby boy. Ephraim named him Beriah. That's because something bad had happened in his family.
24 His daughter was Sheerah. She built Lower and Upper Beth Horon. She also built Uzzen Sheerah.
25 Rephah was Beriah's son. Resheph was Rephah's son. Telah was Resheph's son. Tahan was Telah's son.
26 Ladan was Tahan's son. Ammihud was Ladan's son. Elishama was Ammihud's son.
27 Nun was Elishama's son. And Joshua was the son of Nun.
28 The lands and settlements of the members of Ephraim's line included Bethel and the villages that were around it. Naaran was on the east. Gezer and its villages were on the west. The lands and settlements included Shechem. They also included the villages that were around Shechem all the way to Ayyah and its villages.
29 Along the borders of Manasseh were Beth Shan, Taanach, Megiddo and Dor, together with their villages. The members of the family line of Joseph lived in those towns. Joseph was the son of Israel.