Job 35; Job 36; Job 37

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Job 35

1 Elihu continued,
2 "Job, do you think it's fair for you to say, 'God will clear me of all charges'?
3 You ask him, 'What good is it for me not to sin? What do I get by not sinning?'
4 "I'd like to reply to you and to your friends who are with you.
5 Look up at the heavens. Observe the clouds that are high above you.
6 If you sin, what does that mean to God? If you sin many times, what does that do to him?
7 If you do what is right, how does that help him? What does he get from you?
8 The evil things you do only hurt someone like yourself. The right things you do only help other human beings.
9 "People cry out when they are beaten down. They beg to be set free from the power of those who are over them.
10 But no one says, 'Where is the God who made me? He gives us songs even during the night.
11 He teaches more to us than to wild animals. He makes us wiser than the birds of the air.'
12 He doesn't answer sinful people when they cry out to him. That's because they are so proud.
13 In fact, God doesn't listen to their empty cries. The Mighty One doesn't pay any attention to them.
14 So he certainly won't listen to you. When you say you don't see him, he won't hear you. He won't listen when you state your case to him. He won't pay attention even if you wait for him.
15 When you say his anger never punishes sin, he won't hear you. He won't listen when you say he doesn't pay any attention to evil.
16 So you say things that don't mean anything. You use a lot of words, but you don't know what you are talking about."
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Job 36

1 Elihu continued,
2 "Put up with me a little longer. I'll show you I can speak up for God even more.
3 I get my knowledge from far away. I'll announce that the One who made me is fair.
4 You can be sure that my words are true. One who has perfect knowledge is talking to you.
5 "God is mighty, but he doesn't hate people. He's mighty, and he knows exactly what he's going to do.
6 He doesn't keep alive those who are evil. Instead, he gives suffering people their rights.
7 He watches over those who do what is right. He puts them on thrones as if they were kings. He honors them forever.
8 But some people are held by chains. They are tied up with painful ropes.
9 God tells them what they've done. He tells them they've become proud and sinned against him.
10 He makes them listen when he corrects them. He commands them to turn away from the evil things they've done.
11 If they obey him and serve him, they'll enjoy a long and happy life. Things will go well with them.
12 But if they don't listen to him, they'll be killed with swords. They'll die because they didn't want to know anything about him.
13 "Those whose hearts are ungodly are always angry. Even when God puts them in chains, they don't cry out for help.
14 They die while they are still young. They die among the male prostitutes at the temples.
15 But God saves suffering people while they are suffering. He speaks to them while they are hurting.
16 "Job, he wants to take you out of the jaws of trouble. He wants to bring you to a wide and safe place. He'd like to seat you at a table that is loaded with the best food.
17 But now you are loaded down with the punishment sinners will receive. You have been judged fairly.
18 Be careful that no one tempts you with riches. Don't take money from people who want special favors, no matter how much it is.
19 Can your wealth keep you out of trouble? Can all of your mighty efforts keep you going?
20 Don't long for the night to come so you can drag people away from their homes.
21 Be careful not to do what is evil. You seem to like evil better than suffering!
22 "God is honored because he is so powerful. He has no equal as a teacher.
23 Who has told him what he can do? Who has said to him, 'You have done what is wrong'?
24 Remember to thank him for what he's done. People have praised him with their songs.
25 Every human being has seen his work. People can see it from far away.
26 How great God is! We'll never completely understand him. We'll never find out how long he has lived.
27 "He makes mist rise from the water. Then it falls as rain into the streams.
28 The clouds pour down their moisture. Rain showers fall on people everywhere.
29 Who can understand how God spreads out the clouds? Who can explain how he thunders from his home in heaven?
30 See how he scatters his lightning around him! He lights up the deepest parts of the ocean.
31 The rain he sends makes things grow for the nations. He provides them with plenty of food.
32 He holds lightning bolts in his hands. He commands them to strike their marks.
33 His thunder announces that a storm is coming. Even the cattle let us know it's approaching.
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Job 37

1 "When I hear the thunder, my heart pounds. It beats faster inside me.
2 Listen! Listen to the roar of his voice! Listen to the thunder that comes from him!
3 He sends his lightning across the sky. It reaches from one end of the earth to the other.
4 Next comes the sound of his roaring thunder. He thunders with his majestic voice. When his voice fills the air, he doesn't hold anything back.
5 God's voice thunders in wonderful ways. We'll never understand the great things he does.
6 He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth.' He tells the rain, 'Pour down your mighty waters.'
7 He stops everyone from working. He wants them to see his work.
8 The animals go inside. They remain in their dens.
9 The storm comes out of its storeroom in the heavens. The cold comes from the driving winds.
10 The breath of God produces ice. The shallow water freezes over.
11 He loads the clouds with moisture. He scatters his lightning through them.
12 He directs the clouds to circle above the surface of the whole earth. They do everything he commands them to do.
13 He tells the clouds to punish people. Or he brings them to water his earth and show his love.
14 "Job, listen to me. Stop and think about the wonderful things God does.
15 Do you know how he controls the clouds? Do you understand how he makes his lightning flash?
16 Do you know how the clouds stay up in the sky? Do you understand the wonders of the One who has perfect knowledge?
17 Even your clothes are too hot for you when the land lies quiet under the south wind.
18 Can you help God spread out the skies? They are as hard as a mirror that's made out of bronze.
19 "Job, tell us what we should say to God. We can't prepare our case because our minds are dark.
20 Should he be told that I want to speak? Would any man ask to be destroyed by him?
21 No one can look at the sun. It's too bright after the wind has swept the skies clean.
22 Out of the north, God comes in his shining glory. He comes in all of his wonderful majesty.
23 We can't reach up to the Mighty One. He is lifted high because of his power. Everything he does is fair and right. So he doesn't crush people.
24 That's why they have respect for him. He cares about all those who are wise."
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