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Psalms 108

1 God, my heart feels secure. I will sing and make music to you with all my heart.
2 Harp and lyre, wake up! I want to sing and make music before the sun rises.
3 Lord, I will praise you among the nations. I will sing about you among the people of the earth.
4 Great is your love. It is higher than the heavens. Your truth reaches to the skies.
5 God, may you be honored above the heavens. Let your glory be over the whole earth.
6 Save us. Help us with your powerful right hand, so that those you love may be saved.
7 God has spoken from his temple. He has said, "I will win the battle. Then I will divide up the land around Shechem. I will divide up the Valley of Succoth.
8 Gilead belongs to me. So does the land of Manasseh. Ephraim is the strongest tribe. It is like a helmet for my head. Judah is the royal tribe. It is like a ruler's staff.
9 Moab serves me like one who washes my feet. I toss my sandal on Edom to show that I own it. I shout to Philistia that I have won the battle."
10 Who will bring me to the city that has high walls around it? Who will lead me to the land of Edom?
11 God, isn't it you, even though you have now turned away from us? Isn't it you, even though you don't lead our armies into battle anymore?
12 Help us against our enemies. The help people give doesn't amount to anything.
13 With your help we will win the battle. You will walk all over our enemies.
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Psalms 109

1 God, I praise you. Don't remain silent.
2 Sinful people who lie and cheat have spoken against me. They have used their tongues to tell lies about me.
3 They gather all around me with their words of hatred. They attack me without any reason.
4 They bring charges against me, even though I love them and pray for them.
5 They pay me back with evil for the good things I do. They pay back my love with hatred.
6 Appoint an evil person to take my enemies to court. Let him stand at their right hand and bring charges against them.
7 When they are tried, let them be found guilty. May even their prayers judge them.
8 May their days be few. Let others take their places as leaders.
9 May their children's fathers die. May their wives become widows.
10 May their children be driven from their destroyed homes. May they wander around like beggars.
11 May everything those people own be taken away to pay for what they owe. May strangers rob them of everything they've worked for.
12 May no one be kind to them or take pity on the children they leave behind.
13 May their family line come to an end. May their names be forgotten by those who live after them.
14 May the LORD remember the evil things their fathers have done. May he never erase the sins of their mothers.
15 May the LORD never forget their sins. Then he won't let people remember those sinners anymore.
16 They never thought about doing anything kind. Instead, they drove those who were poor and needy to their deaths. They did the same thing to those whose hearts were broken.
17 They loved to call down curses on others. May their curses come back on them. They didn't find any pleasure in giving anyone their blessing. May no blessing ever come to them.
18 They called down curses on others as easily as they put on clothes. Cursing was as natural to them as getting a drink of water or putting olive oil on their bodies.
19 May their curses cover them like coats. May their curses be wrapped around them like a belt forever.
20 May that be the LORD's way of paying back those who bring charges against me. May it happen to those who say evil things about me.
21 But LORD and King, be true to your name. Treat me well. Because your love is so good, save me.
22 I am poor and needy. My heart is wounded deep down inside me.
23 I fade away like an evening shadow. I'm like a locust that someone brushes off.
24 My knees are weak because I've gone without food. My body is very thin.
25 Those who bring charges against me laugh at me. When they see me, they shake their heads at me.
26 LORD my God, help me. Save me because you love me.
27 Lord, let my enemies know that you yourself have saved me. You have done it with your own hand.
28 They may call down a curse on me. But you will give me your blessing. When they attack me, they will be put to shame. But I will be filled with joy.
29 Those who bring charges against me will be clothed with dishonor. They will be wrapped in shame as if it were a coat.
30 With my mouth I will continually praise the Lord. I will praise him when all of his people gather for worship.
31 He stands ready to help those who need it. He saves them from those who have sentenced them to death.
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Psalms 110

1 The LORD says to my Lord, "Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your control."
2 The LORD will make your royal authority spread out from Zion to other lands. You will rule over your enemies who are all around you.
3 Your troops will be willing to fight for you on the day of battle. You will be wrapped in holy majesty. Just as the dew falls fresh early in the morning, you will always be young and strong.
4 The LORD has taken an oath and made a promise. He will not change his mind. He has said, "You are a priest forever, just like Melchizedek."
5 The Lord is at your right hand. He will crush kings on the day when he is angry.
6 He will judge the nations. He will pile up dead bodies on the field of battle. He will crush the rulers of the whole earth.
7 He will drink from a brook along the way and receive new strength. And so he will win the battle.
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Psalms 111

1 Praise the Lord. I will praise the LORD with all my heart. I will praise him where honest people gather for worship.
2 The LORD has done great things. All who take delight in what he has done will spend time thinking about it.
3 What he does shows his glory and majesty. He will always do what is right.
4 The LORD causes his miracles to be remembered. He is kind and tender.
5 He provides food for those who have respect for him. He remembers his covenant forever.
6 He has shown his people what his power can do. He has given them the lands of other nations.
7 He is faithful and right in everything he does. All his rules can be trusted.
8 They will stand firm for ever and ever. They were given by the Lord. He is faithful and honest.
9 He set his people free. He made a covenant with them that will last forever. His name is holy and wonderful.
10 If you really want to become wise, you must begin by having respect for the Lord. All those who follow his rules have good understanding. People should praise him forever.
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Psalms 112

1 Praise the Lord. Blessed is the one who has respect for the Lord. He finds great delight when he obeys God's commands.
2 His children will be powerful in the land. Because he is honest, his children will be blessed.
3 His family will have wealth and riches. He will always be blessed for doing what is right.
4 Even in the darkness light shines on honest people. It shines on those who are kind and tender and godly.
5 Good things will come to those who are willing to lend freely. Good things will come to those who are fair in everything they do.
6 They will always be secure. Those who do what is right will be remembered forever.
7 They aren't afraid when bad news comes. They stand firm because they trust in the Lord.
8 Their hearts are secure. They aren't afraid. In the end they will see their enemies destroyed.
9 They have spread their gifts around to poor people. Their good works continue forever. They will be powerful and honored.
10 Evil people will see it and be upset. They will grind their teeth and become weaker and weaker. What evil people long to do can't succeed.
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Psalms 113

1 Praise the Lord. Praise him, you who serve the Lord. Praise the name of the Lord.
2 Let us praise the name of the Lord, both now and forever.
3 From the sunrise in the east to the sunset in the west, may the name of the LORD be praised.
4 The LORD is honored over all of the nations. His glory reaches to the highest heavens.
5 Who is like the LORD our God? He sits on his throne in heaven.
6 He bends down to look at the heavens and the earth.
7 He raises poor people up from the trash pile. He lifts needy people out of the ashes.
8 He lets them sit with princes. He lets them sit with the princes of their own people.
9 He gives children to the woman who doesn't have any children. He makes her a happy mother in her own home. Praise the Lord.
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Psalms 114

1 The people of Israel came out of Egypt. The people of Jacob left a land where a different language was spoken.
2 Then Judah became the holy place where God lived. Israel became the land he ruled over.
3 The Red Sea saw him and parted. The Jordan River stopped flowing.
4 The mountains leaped like rams. The hills skipped like lambs.
5 Red Sea, why did you part? Jordan River, why did you stop flowing?
6 Why did you mountains leap like rams? Why did you hills skip like lambs?
7 Earth, tremble with fear when the Lord comes. Tremble when the God of Jacob is near.
8 He turned the rock into a pool. He turned the hard rock into springs of water.
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