Ezekiel 40:37-47

37 Its vestibule faced the outer court, and it had palm trees on its pilasters, on either side; and its stairway had eight steps.
38 There was a chamber with its door in the vestibule of the gate, where the burnt offering was to be washed.
39 And in the vestibule of the gate were two tables on either side, on which the burnt offering and the sin offering and the guilt offering were to be slaughtered.
40 On the outside of the vestibule at the entrance of the north gate were two tables; and on the other side of the vestibule of the gate were two tables.
41 Four tables were on the inside, and four tables on the outside of the side of the gate, eight tables, on which the sacrifices were to be slaughtered.
42 There were also four tables of hewn stone for the burnt offering, a cubit and a half long, and one cubit and a half wide, and one cubit high, on which the instruments were to be laid with which the burnt offerings and the sacrifices were slaughtered.
43 There were pegs, one handbreadth long, fastened all around the inside. And on the tables the flesh of the offering was to be laid.
44 On the outside of the inner gateway there were chambers for the singers in the inner court, one at the side of the north gate facing south, the other at the side of the east gate facing north.
45 He said to me, "This chamber that faces south is for the priests who have charge of the temple,
46 and the chamber that faces north is for the priests who have charge of the altar; these are the descendants of Zadok, who alone among the descendants of Levi may come near to the Lord to minister to him."
47 He measured the court, one hundred cubits deep, and one hundred cubits wide, a square; and the altar was in front of the temple.