Judges 5:1-8

1 Then sang Deborah and Barak, the son of Abinoam, on that day, saying:
2 "Praise ye the LORD for the avenging of Israel, when the people willingly offered themselves.
3 "Hear, O ye kings; give ear, O ye princes. I, even I, will sing unto the LORD; I will sing praise to the LORD God of Israel.
4 "LORD, when Thou wentest out of Seir, when Thou marched out of the field of Edom, the earth trembled and the heavens dropped, the clouds also dropped water.
5 The mountains melted from before the LORD, even that Sinai, from before the LORD God of Israel.
6 "In the days of Shamgar the son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were unoccupied, and the travelers walked through byways.
7 The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose, I arose a mother in Israel.
8 They chose new gods; then was war in the gates. Was there a shield or spear seen among forty thousand in Israel?
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