John 5:9-19

9 And immediatly the man was made whole and toke vp his beed and went. And the same daye was the Saboth daye
10 The Iewes therfore sayde vnto him that was made whole. It is ye Saboth daye it is not laufull for the to cary thy beed
11 He answered them: he that made me whole sayde vnto me: take vp thy beed and get the hence.
12 Then axed they him: what man is that which sayde vnto the take vp thy beed and walke.
13 And he yt was healed wist not who it was. For Iesus had gotte him selfe awaye be cause yt ther was preace of people in ye place.
14 And after that Iesus founde him in the teple and sayd vnto him: beholde thou arte made whole synne no moore lest a worsse thinge happe vnto the.
15 The man departed and tolde ye Iewes that yt was Iesus whiche had made him whole.
16 And therfore the Iewes dyd persecute Iesus and sought the meanes to slee him because he had done these thinges on the Saboth daye.
17 And Iesus answered them: my father worketh hidder to and I worke.
18 Therfore the Iewes sought the moare to kill him not only because he had broken the Saboth: but sayde also that God was his father and made him selfe equall with God.
19 Then answered Iesus and sayde vnto them: verely verely I saye vnto you: the sonne can do no thinge of him selfe but that he seeth ye father do. For whatsoever he doeth yt doeth the sonne also.
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