Numbers 18:23-32

23 And the leuites shall do the seruyce in the tabernacle of witnesse and beare their synne and it shalbe a lawe for euer vnto youre childern after you: But amonge the childern of Israel they shall enheret none enheritaunce.
24 For the tithes of the childern of Israel whiche they heve vnto the Lorde I haue geuen the Leuites to enherett. Wherfore I haue sayed vnto them: Amonge the chyldern off Israell ye shall enherett none enheritaunce.
25 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
26 speake vnto the leuites and saye vnto the: when ye take of the childern of Israel the tithes whiche I haue geuen you of them to youre enheritaunce ye shall take an heueoffrynge of that same for the Lorde: euen the tenth of that tythe.
27 And it shalbe rekened vnto you for youre heueofferynge euen as though ye gaue corne out of the barne or a fullofferynge from the wyne presse.
28 And of this maner ye shall heue an heueofferynge vnto ye Lorde of all youre tithes which ye receaue of the childern of Israel and ye shall geue there of the Lordes heueofferinge vnto Aaron the preast
29 Of all youre giftes ye shall take out the Lordes heue offerynge: euen the fatt of all their halowed thynges.
30 And thou shalt saye vnto them: when ye haue take a waye the fatt of it from it it shalbe counted vnto the leuites as ye encrease of corne and wyne
31 And ye shall eate it in all places both ye and youre housholdes for it is youre rewarde for youre seruyce in the tabernacle of witnesse.
32 And ye shall beare no synne by ye reason of it when ye haue taken from it the fatt of it: nether shall ye vnhalowe ye halowed thynges of the childern of Israel and so shall ye not dye.
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