Numbers 2:28-34

28 and his host, and their numbered ones, [are] one and forty thousand and five hundred.
29 And the tribe of Naphtali; and the prince of the sons of Naphtali [is] Ahira son of Enan;
30 and his host, and their numbered ones, [are] three and fifty thousand and four hundred.
31 All those numbered of the camp of Dan [are] a hundred thousand, and seven and fifty thousand, and six hundred; at the rear they journey, by their standards.
32 These [are] those numbered of the sons of Israel by the house of their fathers; all those numbered of the camps by their hosts [are] six hundred thousand, and three thousand, and five hundred and fifty.
33 And the Levites have not numbered themselves in the midst of the sons of Israel, as Jehovah hath commanded Moses.
34 And the sons of Israel do according to all that Jehovah hath commanded Moses; so they have encamped by their standards, and so they have journeyed; each by his families, by the house of his fathers.
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