1 Samuel 30:1-6 NIV

David Destroys the Amalekites

1 David and his men reached Ziklag1 on the third day. Now the Amalekites2 had raided the Negev and Ziklag. They had attacked Ziklag and burned3 it,

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2 and had taken captive the women and all who were in it, both young and old. They killed none of them, but carried them off as they went on their way.
3 When David and his men came to Ziklag, they found it destroyed by fire and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive.4

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4 So David and his men wept5 aloud until they had no strength left to weep.

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5 David's two wives6 had been captured--Ahinoam of Jezreel and Abigail, the widow of Nabal of Carmel.

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6 David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning7 him; each one was bitter8 in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength9 in the LORD his God.

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