This chapter relates the condition Ziklag was in when David and his men
came to it, the city burnt, and their families carried captive by the
Amalekites, which occasioned not only a general lamentation, but mutiny
and murmuring in David's men, \\#1Sa 30:1-6\\; the inquiry David made of
the Lord what he should do, who is bid to pursue the enemy; and being
directed by a lad where they were, fell upon them, and routed them, and
brought back the captives with a great spoil, \\#1Sa 30:7-20\\; the
distribution of the spoil, both to those that went with him, and to
those who through faintness were left behind, \\#1Sa 30:21-25\\; and the
presents of it he sent to several places in the tribe of Judah, who had
been kind to him when he dwelt among them, \\#1Sa 30:26-31\\.

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