5 He also followed their counsel when he went with Jorama son of Ahab king of Israel to wage war against Hazael king of Aram at Ramoth Gilead. The Arameans wounded Joram;

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    • £ 22:5 - Hebrew "Jehoram," a variant of "Joram" ; also in verses 6 and 7
      6 so he returned to Jezreel to recover from the wounds they had inflicted on him at Ramothb in his battle with Hazael king of Aram. Then Ahaziahc son of Jehoram king of Judah went down to Jezreel to see Joram son of Ahab because he had been wounded.

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        • ¤ 22:6 - Hebrew "Ramah," a variant of "Ramoth"
        • ¥ 22:6 - Some Hebrew manuscripts, Septuagint, Vulgate and Syriac (see also 2 Kings 8:29); most Hebrew manuscripts "Azariah"