2 Chronicles 35:11-14 NIV

11 The Passover lambs were slaughtered,1 and the priests sprinkled the blood handed to them, while the Levites skinned the animals.

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12 They set aside the burnt offerings to give them to the subdivisions of the families of the people to offer to the LORD, as is written in the Book of Moses. They did the same with the cattle.
13 They roasted the Passover animals over the fire as prescribed,2 and boiled the holy offerings in pots, caldrons and pans and served them quickly to all the people.

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14 After this, they made preparations for themselves and for the priests, because the priests, the descendants of Aaron, were sacrificing the burnt offerings and the fat portions3 until nightfall. So the Levites made preparations for themselves and for the Aaronic priests.

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