Topical Studies

  • Become a Fruit-Bearing Christian

    Andrew Murray
    Become a Fruit-Bearing Christian We need to see that if our work is to be acceptable and effective, it must come as fruit; it must be the spontaneous outgrowth of a healthy, vigorous life, the Spirit and power of Christ living and working in us.
  • Justified Thanksgiving

    Tim Brister
    Justified Thanksgiving For the Christian, thanksgiving is altogether different. We don’t offer thanksgiving because of work we have done but because of the work Christ has done on our behalf.
  • The Quest for (Self) Justification

    Tim Brister
    The Quest for (Self) Justification Even our expressions of thanksgiving can be a form of self-justification, and this is what we discover from this man in our text. Such self-justified thanksgiving is unacceptable to God.
  • Unacceptable Thanksgiving

    Tim Brister
    Unacceptable Thanksgiving A person can be a truly grateful and thankful person and yet be ungodly and rejected by God? That is exactly what I’m saying, and I want you to show you why this is true from our text.
  • Beyond Sunday: Worthy of Thanks

    Beyond Sunday: Worthy of Thanks When we focus on our problems, we forget that giving thanks must be as natural as breathing.
  • Yadah: Giving More than Thanks

    Randy Newman
    Yadah: Giving More than Thanks The Biblical notion of giving thanks digs deeper than merely making a list. It is worth reflecting on the Hebrew word yadah, often translated “give thanks,” to see all that God has in mind for us. There’s more to it than we might think.
  • A Week of Thanksgiving

    Nancy Leigh DeMoss
    A Week of Thanksgiving Cultivating a thankful heart will result in speaking thankful words. But we all need periodic reminders to be thankful, and, for most of us, developing the habit of thankfulness may require some practice! Here are some practical suggestions for devoting one week to practicing thankfulness.
  • Solving the Mystery: Patterns in the Old Testament

    James M. Hamilton, Jr.
    Solving the Mystery: Patterns in the Old Testament When we come to the end of the Old Testament, we have no answer to the question of how all these things will be resolved. The resolution is brought about by means of the greatest plot twist in the history of the universe.
  • Thanksgiving: Our Appropriate Response

    The Good Book Blog
    Thanksgiving: Our Appropriate Response Not only is giving thanks the appropriate response to God for all that He has done and is doing for us, but not giving thanks is at the very heart of sin.
  • Beyond Sunday: The Elements of Giving Thanks

    Beyond Sunday: The Elements of Giving Thanks Three elements enter into our appeal to God: Prayer, the outpouring of the soul; supplication, stating our desires; and thanksgiving; we must always come to God, not in a complaining spirit, but with thankfulness for present mercies.
  • Hannah—Faithful in Prayer

    Jerald Daffe
    Hannah—Faithful in Prayer Many people become adept at crisis praying. However, God desires an ongoing relationship with communication on a daily basis.
  • Service to Others as Thanksgiving to God

    Alan Knox
    Service to Others as Thanksgiving to God The clear (and abundant) principle here is that our service to others results in thanksgiving to God on many different levels and by many different people.
  • The God Who Provides

    James Montgomery Boice
    The God Who Provides Do you see spiritual things clearly? Or is your vision of God and His will for your life clouded by spiritual cataracts or near-sightedness brought on by an unhealthy preoccupation with things?
  • Hear His Voice

    Rick Whitter
    Hear His Voice In recent conversations, I have heard a couple of long-time Christ followers mention that they have a difficult time discerning God’s voice. How can we know when God is speaking to us?
  • Beyond Sunday: Everything in His Name

    Beyond Sunday: Everything in His Name When we let our eyes or our feet take us to places that God wouldn't bless, we lose our desire to praise and give thanks. So, where are you?
  • Living Your Faith under Pressure

    Michael Youssef
    Living Your Faith under Pressure Even though Daniel experienced suffering, anxiety, humiliation, and persecution as a captive of the Babylonians, God had a plan for Daniel's life. And he has one for you ... no matter what you face.
  • Tune up Your Christian Walk

    Andrew Murray
    Tune up Your Christian Walk Christians often want to go “deeper” in their walk with God. How can we get there? It starts with tuning up our relationship.
  • The Gospel in Joshua

    ESV Gospel Transformation Bible
    The Gospel in Joshua The spotlight is not on Joshua’s moral example or on timeless principles of conduct but on Yahweh’s fulfillment of a historical promise. Even Joshua’s name (“Yahweh Saves!”) points away from himself to the real hero of the story. Joshua is a story of grace.
  • The Dangers of Prosperity

    Matthew Harmon
    The Dangers of Prosperity We often think of the unique challenges and opportunities that facing lack/need presents. But less frequently recognized are the dangers that abundance/prosperity brings. There are at least four that come to mind.
  • Beyond Sunday: Content in All Things

    Beyond Sunday: Content in All Things Christ gives us the strength to be content in any and every circumstance. This isn't carte blanche power to conquer every problem the world throws our way...