Leviticus 26:27-45 (New International Reader's Version)

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27 " 'After all of that, suppose you still do not listen to me. And suppose you continue to be my enemy. 28 Then I will be angry with you. I will be your enemy. I myself will again punish you for your sins over and over. 29 You will eat the dead bodies of your sons. You will also eat the dead bodies of your daughters. 30 " 'I will destroy the high places where you worship other gods. I will pull down your incense altars. I will pile up your dead bodies on the lifeless statues of your gods. And I will turn away from you. 31 I will completely destroy your cities. I will destroy your places of worship. The pleasant smell of your offerings will not give me any delight. 32 " 'I will destroy your land so completely that your enemies who live there will be shocked. 33 I will scatter you among the nations. I will pull out my sword and hunt you down. Your land and your cities will be completely destroyed. 34 " 'Then the deserted land will enjoy its sabbath years. It will rest. It will not be farmed. It will enjoy its sabbaths. But you will become prisoners in the country of your enemies. 35 The land will rest the whole time it is deserted. It was not able to rest during the sabbaths you lived in it. 36 " 'Some of you will be left in the lands of your enemies. I will fill your hearts with fear. The sound of a leaf that is blown by the wind will scare you away. You will run as if you were escaping from swords. You will fall down, even though no one is chasing you. 37 You will trip over one another as if you were running away from the battle. You will run away, even though no one is chasing you. You will not be able to stand and fight against your enemies. 38 " 'While you are still scattered among the nations, you will die. The lands of your enemies will destroy you. 39 You who are left in those lands will become weaker and weaker. You will die because of your sins and the sins of your parents. 40 " 'But suppose you admit that you and your parents have sinned. You admit the evil and dishonest things you have done against me. And you admit you have become my enemy. 41 What you did made me become your enemy. I let your enemies take you into their land. But suppose you stop being stubborn. You stop being proud. And you pay for your sin. 42 Then I will remember my covenant with Jacob. I will remember my covenant with Isaac. I will remember my covenant with Abraham. I will remember what I said to them about the land. 43 " 'You will leave the land. It will enjoy its sabbaths while it lies deserted because you are not there. You will pay for your sins because you said no to my laws. You turned away from my rules. 44 " 'But even after all of that, I will not say no to you or turn away from you. I will not destroy you completely in the land of your enemies. I will not break my covenant with you. I am the LORD your God. 45 Because of you, I will remember the covenant I made with the people of Israel who lived before you. I brought them out of Egypt to be their God. The nations saw me do it. I am the Lord.' "
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