In this chapter, after a repetition of some laws against idolatry, and
concerning keeping sabbaths, and reverencing the sanctuary of God,
\\#Le 26:1,2\\; in order to encourage the Israelites to keep the various
statutes and commandments in this book, and in the preceding, many
promises are made of plenty, and peace, and safety from enemies, and of
the presence of God with them, \\#Le 26:3-13\\; and on the contrary, to
such as should despise and break his commandments, the most grievous
things are threatened, as diseases of body, destruction by their
enemies, barrenness and unfruitfulness of land, the sore judgments of
wild beasts, famine, sword, and pestilence, \\#Le 26:14-39\\; and yet after
all, when they should confess their sins, and were humbled for them,
the Lord promises to remember the covenant he made with their
ancestors, and would deal kindly with them, and not cast them away, and
utterly destroy them, \\#Le 26:40-46\\.