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  • How Do I Deal with Distraction?

    Distraction while studying the Bible is a real stumbling block for many people. Technology, worries, and events all seem to work against us digging into Scripture. So, how can we overcome the noise (and wandering minds)? Here are some general principles that can help.

    1) If possible, set aside a time to read. This helps your mind know that a particular time is for nothing but God's Word. There's something about having an appointment that helps many people keep the right perspective.

    2) Give yourself a buffer between work or anything stressful and your reading time. This will help get your mind off the troubles of the day. (Many of us here like to read first thing in the morning so that we're not as distracted by other issues.)

    3) Remove as many distractions as you can. While we love online Bibles, as you might guess, if your phone or computer is a distraction, use a traditional Bible and turn those things off (you can also print verses from our site if need be). It's easy to wonder what updates or emails you're getting, and when your phone is right there, the temptation can be too much. If you prefer studying on your phone, turn on the "Do Not Disturb" mode and cut off notifications. That will help keep your eyes on the prize.

    4) Pray before you read. Just ask God to help you focus and understand what you're reading. You'd be amazed how this can get our minds and hearts in the right place.

    5) Write notes, thoughts, and prayers as you read. If you're reading with the purpose of taking notes, you're more likely to focus. Try My Bible to keep those notes and thoughts on our site.

    In addition, there are some other steps you could try if you need a little extra help:

  • Catching Up

    We're a couple weeks into Bible reading plans for this year. So, how are you doing? If you've already fallen behind a bit, don't worry. You can get back on track.

    First, don't feel guilty. The Bible is a gift to us, and reading any of it is good. Even if you're not keeping pace, you're still getting into the Word. Once you start feeling guilty about falling behind, you're much more likely to just stop reading. Keep going with whatever you can get in each day. It's time well spent.

    Reschedule all you want. Our site lets you change the start date of your plan. Plus, you can see all the daily readings for the entire duration. Make adjustments as you need.

    Get daily readings delivered to your inbox. If you sometimes forget to come to the site to read, we can deliver daily readings right to your inbox in one of four versions of the Bible. Sign up on our newsletter page.

    Consider changing plans. If you picked something that's a bit too ambitious for this year, go with something a bit shorter. Just click that you're finished with the plan and start a new one, such as reading through the New Testament.

    Read along with us. On our Facebook page, we're reading through the Bible together this year. Join us as often as you can.

    Whatever you do, don't worry about "falling behind." Just read as you can.

  • Who Are You Guys, Anyway?

    Who runs What do we believe? And how do we pick what's included on the site? is a part of the Salem Web Network, a for-profit company that manages a number of Christian websites. Some that you may know are,,, and That means we're not owned or operated by a particular church, ministry, or denomination. However, we are committed to the historic tenets of the apostles' creed. Those of us who work here come from a variety of backgrounds, but all of us are committed to sharing the gospel and the truth of Scripture. (We're Bible geeks who love what we do.)

    As for the study materials, we are very careful about what we chose to feature on the site. The reference materials are on here because they are faithful to the Bible and have stood the test of time (John Gill and Matthew Henry, for example) or because they are relevant to historical studies (e.g., Josephus). Newer material comes from biblically faithful publishers who agree to let us post content or trusted Christian writers and bloggers who agree to let us repost their articles on our site. Rest assured, however, that each article or post is carefully reviewed.

    We're certainly not perfect. But our goal is to carefully and faithfully help people around the world study God's Word.

  • Let's Make It Through the Bible This Year

    Those of us at love New Year's. During this time, many Christians consider their life plans and what changes they'd like to make. And while we can't do much to help you with weight or exercise goals, we can help you with your renewed focus on God's Word.

    Here's how we can help you make it through the Bible this year:

    • A Bible reading plan: This is the most straightfoward way to meet your goals. You could plunge in and read through Scripture one day at a time for 365 days, but not all of our plans are for the whole Bible. You could start off small and work your way up. Whatever you choose, we'll keep your rolling.
    • Scripture by email: With all due respect to your spouse or mom, there's no better email in your inbox than God's Word. We'll send it to you in one of four translations.
    • Daily articles and blogs: Every weekday, you'll find new Bible study articles and blog posts on our site. Each one helps you understand Scripture and grow in your faith. We also provide tips for getting the most from your Bible study.
    • Audio Bibles: Some of us at BST prefer to listen to our daily Bible reading. And if that's you, then we've got you covered.
    • Online library: We've got more than enough books and resources in our free online library for you to study a new one every day of the year. Try digging into one of our classics this year for some added study.

    Whatever your goals, make a part of your daily reading, and we'll do our best to keep you going.

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