1 Corinthians 16:5-12 CEB

Plans to visit

5 I'll come to you after I go through Macedonia, and because I'm going through Macedonia,

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      6 I may stay with you or even spend the winter there in Corinth so that you can send me on my way to wherever I'm off to next.
      7 I don't want to make a quick visit to you, since I hope to spend some time with you if the Lord lets it happen.
      8 I'll stay here in Ephesus until the Festival of Pentecost.
      9 In spite of the fact that there are many opponents, a big and productive opportunity has opened up for my mission here.
      10 If Timothy comes to you, be sure that he has no reason to be afraid while he's with you, because he does the work of the Lord just like I do.
      11 So don't let anyone disrespect him, but send him on in peace so he can join me. I'm waiting for him along with the brothers and sisters.
      12 Concerning Apollos our brother: I strongly encouraged him to visit you with the brothers and sisters, but he didn't want to go now. He'll come when he has an opportunity.