Exodus 12:43-51 CEB

Instructions for observing Passover

43 The LORD said to Moses and Aaron: This is the regulation for the Passover. No foreigner may eat it.

References for Exodus 12:43

      44 However, any slave who has been bought may eat it after he's been circumcised.
      45 No temporary foreign resident or day laborer may eat it.
      46 It should be eaten in one house. You shouldn't take any of the meat outside the house, and you shouldn't break the bones.
      47 The whole Israelite community should observe it.
      48 If an immigrant who lives with you wants to observe the Passover to the LORD, then he and all his males should be circumcised. Then he may join in observing it. He should be regarded as a native of the land. But no uncircumcised person may eat it.
      49 There will be one Instruction for the native and for the immigrant who lives with you.
      50 All the Israelites did just as the LORD had commanded Moses and Aaron.
      51 On that precise day, the LORD brought the Israelites out of the land of Egypt in military formation.