Hosea 4:11-19 CEB

Description of Israel’s idolatry

11 false religious practices. Wine and new wine destroy understanding.

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      12 My people take advice from a piece of wood, and their divining rod gives them predictions. A spirit of prostitution has led them astray; they have left God to follow other gods.
      13 They offer sacrifices on mountaintops, and make entirely burned offerings on hills; they offer sacrifices under various green trees, because their shade is pleasant. Therefore, your daughters act like prostitutes, and your daughters-in-law commit adultery.
      14 I will not punish your daughters because they act like prostitutes, nor your daughters-in-law because they commit adultery; for the men themselves visit prostitutes, and offer sacrifices with consecrated workers at temples; so now the people without sense must come to ruin.
      15 Israel, even though you act like a prostitute, don't let Judah become guilty. Don't enter into Gilgal, or go up to Beth-aven, and don't swear, "As the LORD lives."
      16 Like a stubborn cow Israel is stubborn. Now the LORD will tend them,a as the LORD tends a lamb in a pasture.

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        • g 4:16 - Or <i>her</i>
          17 Ephraim is associated with idols— let him alone!
          18 Though they have stopped drinking, they continue to behave like prostitutes; indeed, they “love”; shame is their pride.
          19 The wind has wrapped her in its wings; they will be ashamed of their sacrifices.