This chapter contains a new sermon or prophecy, delivered in proper and
express words, without types and figures, as before; in which the
people of Israel are summoned to appear at the tribunal of God, to hear
the charge brought against them, and the sentence to be pronounced upon
them, and which would be executed. They are charged with sins of
omission and commission; with want of truth and mercy to men, and with
ignorance of God; with swearing, lying, murder, theft, and adultery,
\\#Ho 4:1,2\\, the punishment threatened is the sword, famine, and
pestilence; which should affect the whole land, and all creatures in
it, men, beasts, fowls, and fishes, \\#Ho 4:3\\, then the priests and
false prophets are threatened with falling into calamities along with
the people, and with rejection from their office, and forgetfulness of
their posterity, and a taking away their glory from them, because of
their striving with the true prophets; their rejection of knowledge;
forgetfulness of the law of God; covetousness, adultery, and
drunkenness, \\#Ho 4:4-11\\, then the discourse is turned to the people
again, who are charged with divination and idolatry, which is spiritual
adultery; and therefore, by way of retaliation, their wives and
daughters would be left to commit adultery and fornication,
\\#Ho 4:12-14\\, and the chapter is concluded with advice to Israel not to
tempt Judah to sin; or to Judah not to do the like, after the example
of Israel, who were backsliders, idolaters, left of God and alone;
guilty of bribery, and the like shameful things, and would be suddenly
filled with shame, \\#Ho 4:15-19\\.