Jeremiah 21:11-14 CEB

Judah: Hear the LORD’s word

11 House of Judah! This is what the LORD says:

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      12 House of David! The LORD proclaims: Begin each morning by administering justice, rescue from their oppressor those who have been robbed, or else my anger will spread like a wildfire, with no one to put it out, because of your evil deeds.
      13 I am against you, you who live in the valley,a like a rock of the plain, declares the LORD, and who say, "Who will come down to attack us? Who will breach our fortresses?"

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        • ¬ 21:13 - Heb uncertain
          14 I will punish you based on what you have done, declares the LORD. I will set yourb forests on fire; the flames will engulf everything around you.c

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            • ­ 21:14 - Or <i>its</i>
            • ® 21:14 - Or <i>it</i>