This chapter contains Jeremiah's answer to King Zedekiah's message to
him; in which he assures him of the destruction of the city of
Jerusalem, and gives advice both to the people and the king. The names
of the persons sent to him are mentioned, \\#Jer 21:1\\; and the errand
they were sent upon, to desire the prophet to pray to the Lord, that
the king of Babylon might be obliged to depart from Jerusalem,
\\#Jer 21:2\\; the answer from the Lord by him is, that their opposition
to the king of Babylon should be fruitless; that he should be so far
from quitting the siege, that he should enter the city, \\#Jer 21:3,4\\;
yea, that the Lord himself would fight against them, and destroy men
and beast with the pestilence; and that such who escaped the sword,
famine, and pestilence, should fall into the hands of the king of
Babylon, \\#Jer 21:5-7\\; and then some advice is given to the inhabitants
of Jerusalem, to go out and give up themselves to the Chaldeans; which
was the best way to save their lives, since the city would certainly
fall into their hands, and be burnt by them, \\#Jer 21:8-10\\; and as for
the royal family, they are advised to do justice and deliver the
oppressed; the not doing of which, it is suggested, was the cause of
their ruin, \\#Jer 21:11,12\\; and the chapter is closed with a
denunciation of destruction upon the city, notwithstanding the vain
trust and confidence of the inhabitants of it, \\#Jer 21:13,14\\.