Titus 1:4-14 CEB

4 To Titus, my true child in a common faith. Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our savior.

Appointing elders

5 The reason I left you behind in Crete was to organize whatever needs to be done and to appoint elders in each city, as I told you.

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      6 Elders should be without fault. They should be faithful to their spouse,a and have faithful children who can't be accused of self-indulgence or rebelliousness.

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        • a 1:6 - Or <i>they should be a one-woman man</i>.
          7 This is because supervisorsb should be without fault as God's managers: they shouldn't be stubborn, irritable, addicted to alcohol, a bully, or greedy.

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            • b 1:7 - Or <i>overseers, bishops</i>
              8 Instead, they should show hospitality, love what is good, and be reasonable, ethical, godly, and self-controlled.
              9 They must pay attention to the reliable message as it has been taught to them so that they can encourage people with healthy instruction and refute those who speak against it.

              Correcting rebellious people

              10 In fact, there are many who are rebellious people, loudmouths, and deceivers, especially some of those who are Jewish believers.c

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                • c 1:10 - Or <i>from the circumcision</i>
                  11 They must be silenced because they upset entire households. They teach what they shouldn't to make money dishonestly.
                  12 Someone who is one of their own prophets said, "People from Crete are always liars, wild animals, and lazy gluttons."
                  13 This statement is true. Because of this, correct them firmly, so that they can be healthy in their faith.
                  14 They shouldn't pay attention to Jewish myths and commands from people who reject the truth.