The shepherd’s two staffs

4 This is what the LORD my God says: Shepherd the flock intended for slaughter.
5 Those who buy them will kill them, but they will go unpunished. Those who sell them will say, "Blessed is the LORD, for I have become rich." And their own shepherds won't spare them.
6 In fact, I will no longer spare the inhabitants of the land, says the LORD. But look what I am about to bring upon humanity, upon each of them by their neighbor's hand and by the hand of their king: They will beat the land to pieces, but I won't rescue anyone from their hand.
7 So I shepherded the flock intended for slaughter, the afflicted of the flock. I took two staffs for myself. I named one Delight; the other I named Harmony. I shepherded the flock.
8 I removed three shepherds in one month when I grew impatient with them. Moreover, they detested me.
9 Then I said, "I won't shepherd you. Let the dying die, and let what is to be removed be removed. Let those who are left devour the flesh of their neighbor."
10 Then I took the staff Delight, and I chopped it up in order to break my covenant that I had made with all the peoples.
11 It was broken on that day. As a result, the afflicted of the flock knew that it was the LORD's word.
12 And I said to them, "If it appears good to you, give me my wages; but if not, then stop." So they weighed out my wages, thirty shekels of silver.
13 The LORD said to me, "Put it in the treasury. They value me at too magnificent a price." So I took the thirty shekels of silver and put them in the treasury of the LORD's house.
14 Then I chopped up my second staff Harmony, to break the alliance between Judah and Israel.