This chapter contains a prophecy of the destruction of the Jews, and
shows the causes and reasons of it; and is concluded with a prediction
concerning antichrist. The destruction of the temple and city of
Jerusalem, and the inhabitants of it, is signified by figurative
expressions, \\#Zec 11:1,2\\ which occasions an howling among the shepherds
or rulers of Israel, on account of whose cruelty and covetousness the
wrath of God came upon them without mercy, \\#Zec 11:3,5,6\\ but inasmuch as
there were a remnant according to the election of grace among them,
named the flock of the slaughter, Christ is called upon to feed them;
who undertakes it, and prepares for it, \\#Zec 11:4,7\\ but being abhorred
by the shepherds, whom he therefore loathed and cut off, he determines
to leave the people to utter ruin and destruction, \\#Zec 11:8,9\\ and, as a
token of it, breaks the two staves asunder he had took to feed them with,
\\#Zec 11:10,11,14\\ and, as an instance of their ingratitude to him, and
which is a justification of his conduct towards them, notice is taken of
his being valued at and sold for thirty pieces of silver, \\#Zec 11:12,13\\
but, in the place of these shepherds cut off, it is suggested that
another should arise, who is described by his folly, negligence, and
cruelty, \\#Zec 11:15,16\\ to whom a woe is denounced, \\#Zec 11:17\\.